LD27 Moontrip

Moontrip was created in the 48h game development contest of Ludum Dare 27 in August 2013.

About the Game

It is a simple multiplayer game, player positions and animations states are collected on the server and distributed via socket.io (slow but sufficient) to each client. The flying rocks/clouds/comets positions, scales and rotations are calculated on server, so there is a possible path towards the moon. Then they are sent to the clients so that the randomized levels are in sync. There should probably be a time sync in a future version as well, since e.g. the comets rotation on different clients are probably out of sync all the time. The website was hosted via express on NodeJS. The rendering is based on the LD25 render script but had been extended since then e.g. with a third dimension and the possibility to load models in JSON format.